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Hush Money New Shows

Marilyn Flores (second left) joins cast members Kannan Arumugum, Ellen Wolhlberg, Robert Carter and John Coumbe-Lilley

Marilyn Flores (second left) joins cast members Kannan Arumugum, Ellen Wolhlberg, Robert Carter and John Coumbe-Lilley

Tonight, Stage 773 (1225 W Belmont). Call time 9:40; show time 10:00.

Sunday, April 21st at Underground Lounge (952 W Newport). Call time 7:45; show time 8:00.

Thursday, May 2nd at Stage 773 (1225 W Belmont). Call time 9:40; show time 10:00.

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Hush Money is Back!

Hush Money is back performing this Spring with shows at the Crocodile Lounge, The Atlantic and a run at Corn competing in The Original Improv Gladiators show at Corn. Fresh from rehearsals at Theatre Momentum with new cast member Marilyn Flores joining the team. Hush Money is ready to take their form to a new level and look forward to a Spring of laughs and growing the Hush Money following and makign new friends.

Marilyn Flores (second left) joins cast members Kannan Arumagum, Ellen Wolhlberg, Robert Carter and John Coumbe-Lilley

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Wallet, Dumpster and Hush Money Light Up Sunday Night

Laughs came thick and fast, like every 45 seconds at Hush Money hosted improv show The Sunday Social at the Upstairs Gallery. Wallet led the night off with fun and energetic scenes that used the stage and about every available corner of the play area with a memorable scene about a scene within a scene. Wallet are a new independent team from the Second City Conservatory program making their way and are well worth a look by improv fans soon.

Wallet leading off

Next up was Dumpster. This all girl four player group took the audience and the show to the border of Kansas with stops at Dairy Queen on the way. Dumpster, were witty, playful, quick and fun and are anoher independent team well worth 20 minutes of your time for. Their set led Hush Money nicely to close the evening with a further development of their form.

Hush Money came into the show with four concept characters made completely at random just before the show

Hush Money pausing for reflection

in warm-up. The scenes were energizing and took the audience to all kinds of weird and wonderful places through the variety of characters on show such as Railcar Jackson PhD. Quick editing, character work and committment defined this performance. The Hush Money form continues to develop and Coach Padraig was on hand to see his work in the Hush Money performance. Luckily he liked what he saw and stayed for the whole show!

The final show of Hush Money’s first ever production is next Sunday February 26th at 8pm. Join Hush Money and friends close this run by bringing a friend and enjoying some of Chicago’s enthusiastic independent teams share their view of the world and take you away from the stress of the night before Monday begins.

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Hush Money Rehearse in Studio A

After the success of their first ever night of their first ever production “The Sunday Social” at the Upstairs Gallery. Hush Money returned to rehearse with coach Padraig and get better in their new form for their next show on Sunday 19th of February. The take home line of the night from rehearsal was “How big is your hole?”

Hush Money rehearses at Theatre Momentum. The warm yet spartan environment lends itself to focused rehersals with different artistic genres in other studios adding to the eclectic flavor of an evening of  improv training. This week Hush Money used Studio A. Which studio will it be next week? Come back and find out.

This week Studio A. Next week Room 101?

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Hush Money Arrive At The Sunday Social

Hush Money (Kannan Arumagum, Robert Carter, John Coumbe-Lilley and Ellen Wohlberg) made their production debut on Chicago’s improv scene tonight at the Upstairs Gallery tonight with an intimate crowd in attendance. Performing with Hush Money were DMNK  who performed an energetic, and lively opening set using all available props and special noises. DMNK have been performing for 18 months (according to Kannan) and are a fun group to have on your bill.

John, Ellen, Robert and Kannan after the clean up


The second set by Hunks R Us provided a physical and vibrant show with the performers teaming up well and playing off each other to create a number of fun scenes. DMNK and Hunks R Us are Improv Olympic (IO) trained performers and members are currently performing on teams at IO too.

Hush Money finished the show with a series of fun and diverse scenes and continue the development of their current performance form. The team learned what it takes to produce a show and everyone looks forward to another great night when Hush Money performs next Sunday 2/19 at the Upstairs Gallery, doors at 7:45pm, show starts at 8pm. Free admission and beer and $5 donations welcomed. The venue is BYOB.

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Monday at Mullens Pays Off for Hush Money

Ellen and Kannan receiving Robert’s foot as their reward for a set well done at Mullens.

Monday February 6th, 2012 will go down in history as Hush Money’s first set at Mullens in Wrigleyville. A well hosted and playful atmosphere helped the team as they performed for the first time in front of Coach Padraic Connelly. Showing no nerves, Hush Money built on the suggestion of ‘slander’ to deliver a varied set touching current and imaginary affairs and bringing forth French characters for the first time to a Hush Money set. This team knows no limits in its search for a quality set!

Go and see Hush Money play their run at the Upstairs Gallery this Sunday, doors open at 7:45pm. Show starts at 8pm.

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Robinson Stands Up Hush Money & Co.

Hush Money played at the Show Below at the Crocodile Lounge on Friday February 3rd, 2012. Which saw the final show of the Crocodile Players too. Mark Robinson, Chicago improv legend in the Cook County zip codes was slated to play on both teams but cat litter duty meant he could not make the show. Luckily, neither teams missed Robinson and the show went off splendidly.

Robert, Ellen, John and Kannan at the Show Below


Hush Money used the show to try out coaching recommendations from Padraig and prepare for their upcoming run at the Upstairs Gallery on 2/12, 2/19 and 2/26 this month. For folks interested in meeting the cast. Robert Carter is available after most shows to give coaching, autographs and accept beverages for a job well done!

See Hush Money play at Mullens Pub on Monday February 6, 2012 at 8:30pm.
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